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This raku ceramic, created in one of our partner workshops in South Africa, is delivered with a certificate of authenticity.



This “Picasso Baliste” fish, created with an adaptation of traditional “RAKU” methods, is still very appreciated for the uniqueness that it reveals through rapid double cooking at low temperatures.


During the second firing, the ceramic comes out incandescent from the oven at 1000 °, cracks during thermal shock, then ignites on contact with the sawdust in which it is immersed. The smoke then seeps through the cracks in the enamel, and the unglazed parts become carbonaceous. The ceramic is then carefully brushed to show off all its beauty.




A little history...


The Baliste Picasso Bariolé is one of the most typical representatives of the Indo-Pacific coral reefs and bears the scientific name of "Rhinecanthus rectangulus". It is also famous for its Hawaiian name "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a" and for being one of the emblems of the state of Hawaii.


This fish is found in various seas and oceans, at latitudes ranging between 30 ° N and 32 ° S. It is thus found in a large part of the Pacific Ocean, in Oceania and in the Indian Ocean, in particular on the eastern coasts of Africa and Madagascar, as well as in the Red Sea to the eastern coasts. from Egypt.


The male can reach a length of 30 cm, but on average he measures 15 cm. With strong teeth, this fish likes small crustaceans and relatively "hard" corals.

Picasso fish Grey

  • Votre céramique est protégée par un emballage thermoformé, puis calée dans un carton d'expédition avec des copeaux de papier, idéal pour protéger les envois d'objets fragiles.

    Si vous souhaitez un paquet cadeau, indiquez-le dans les remarques avant de valider votre panier, il vous est offert en période de fêtes !

  • Inspirés par les animaux de toutes sortes, et les cultures africaines multi-ethniques, une communauté d’artisans-céramistes formés à la technique raku, fabriquent ces raku à la main, au sein de l’atelier de Patricia White qui prospère depuis 1994, et vivent grâce à leurs créations vendues par des partenaires dans le monde.

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